Teba to Castellon de la Plana

Teba to Castellon de la Plana. 742  km 7:08 moving, averaged 103km/h. 
Mark let me stay the night in one of his very pleasant appartments. I slept like a log, but was still awake at 5:30am. The rest of the village was still sleeping, hardly surprising when you consider that people were still sitting down to dinner at 11pm. I tried to fill my water bottle in the apartment kitchen. And promptly pulled the tap from the counter. I was horrified, but only for a moment. The kitchen. Was still work in progress and the faucet hadn’t been connected. 

The BMW R1200 GS might have the same engine as my motorcycle in Saudi, but it felt like a much heavier bike when I got on this morning. It’s a little taller and when it’s on the side stand it leans over substantially, making it quite an effort to get it upright. Once it’s moving though, it is as light as a feather. I hope I don’t drop it though as I doubt I could pick it up without help. I certainly can’t get it on the centre stand. I watched as Mark showed me how to do it. Simply pressing down with his foot. When I try, I can stand with my complete weight on the stand and it doesn’t budge an inch. Quite amusing. 

The journey to Castellon de la Plana was substantial –  742 km and Mark thought me mad. I’ve been sing some long journeys in Saudi though so it didn’t seem too intimidating. To cover the distance in a reasonable time meant that I’d have to use the motorways though and that didn’t sound too exciting. 

They turned out to be very pleasant though. Considerably more interesting than my usual run down Half Moon Bay in Saudi Arabia and with such polite, slow and considerate drivers. At one point,  as I was trying to work out which lane to take at a complex junction I realized that the driver on my right wasn’t being impatient, about to cut me up or collide with me, but was actually patiently waiting for me to make a decision. Driving here is a lot less stressful than in the Eastern Province. 

I stopped every two hours or so to buy fuel. When I fill my bike in Saudi it costs £1.68. Here, I have been filling up when the rank is still 1/4 full and it has been costing £14. Ekh. 

I decided to avoid Vallencia and its busy traffic and stay in the pleasant sounding Castellon de la Plana. It was quiet and my hotel was great – the Luz Castellon,  highly recommended for £35 a night, but the town is a dormitory for Vallencia and about as exciting as processed white bread. 
Some good views today but no photos as I couldn’t stop on the motorway. 


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