GR5 (sort of) Les Houches to Les Contamines

Looking rather hairy.

I put this selfie in only because I failed to take a single photograph the whole day. There was nothing unappealing about my walk from Les Houches to Les Contamines really. The day seemed to be split between six inch wide vegetated paths in dense deciduous woodland and narrow Tarmaced country lanes through less dense deciduous woodland. In addition, the humidity was 100% and the views almost nil. Could I be the first to contribute a dozen axes to the local population? The paths around here could definitely benefit from some senitive deforestation. Oh, and I got lost. Well, as lost as it is possible to be these days with a GPS. I should rather say I found myself in various places when I intended to be elsewhere and then found myself trying to get back on track. The problem with running is that you can cover quite a lot of ground in ten minutes, and if that ten minutes is down a steep hill in the wrong direction ….

Still, although my 10.5 mile run turned into a 14.5 mile viewless sweatfest, I had a good day. I’ve been to Les Contamines before, but it isn’t the town I remembered (goodness knows where that is). I thought I had booked a better hotel than the one I stayed in last time, but actually am staying in the same hotel I used before, just it is in a different town. Strange tricks the memory plays. I must keep writing a journal or goodness knows where I will end up. The hotel, by the way, is splendid and the four course menu du jour was superb, as it was the last time I was here, now in remember. Or do I?

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