GR5 Refuge de Moëde Anterne to Les Houches

The refuge was pretty full last night, and my website booking hadn’t regisered, so I was glad that I arrived early. I had dinner with a Swiss gentleman I had passed earlier in the day. He was escaping for a few days whilst his family were cruising on the Mediterranean. Like me, he had been very impressed with the day’s walk – better than anything he had done in Switzerland, he said.

Leaving the refuge in the morning I was expecting a huge day, as the guide book suggested that the walk over the Brévent was particularly challenging. I didn’t find it so and this was one of my best day’s running so far, beginning with a thousand metre descent before the climb of the Brévent even began.

The first time I climbed the Brévent on the Tour de Mont Blanc, it was in vile weather and the views opened up for only a few minutes. Today though the wether was spectacular and the views over Mont Blanc fantastic. I spent longer at the summit than I had planned as there were two men preparing to BASE jump off the cliff, zipping themselves into colourful winged suits. Quite an adrenaline rush.

The descent from the Brévent to Les Houches is absolutely huge and for a few minutes I contemplated taking the cable car down to Chamonix before heading off on my run. The impressed gasps of the walkers as I plunged down the hillside more than compensated for the decision. At least I choose to consider them gasps of admiration, although I am not so sure about the noises made by the group of Germans I sent a cascade of stones down upon.

At Les Houches I was irritated to find that I had booked an Auberge in the middle of no bars land between Les Houches and Chamonix and up a bloody steep hill. Really, I must be more carefull.

I took a shower and decided to take the bus into Chamonix. I like Chamonix, it has a bustle about it; just the right mixture of shops, interest, mountains and the promise of adventure. Oh yes, and good beer. Mont Blanc Blanche is particularly good.

I was back at the Auberge early as the last bus was at 19:30 and I was feeling too tight to pay for a taxi. Still, a pleasant evening reading and relaxing in a very pleasant alpine chalet.

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